We all need help sometimes.

But who can you talk to? 

Who knows where to find the help you need?

Someone who will take you seriously - someone you can trust.

Some problems are private.

And they need to stay that way. 

Until you're ready to deal. 

Call us at 211.

That's why we're here.

We take every call seriously.

We protect ​your privacy.

We know where all the services are and how to ​help you.

Every word you say is confidential!

​​We can help you findSolutions to ​these problems and many others.

​​What are you struggling with?

  • ​​Mental Health
  • Bullying
  • ​Sexuality
  • ​Trauma ​​
  • Drug or Alcohol Use
  • Relationship ​Pressure
  • ​Body Image Issues
  • School
  • ​​Loneliness
  • Social Media
  • ​Stress
  • The Law

Don't struggle alone! At 211, ​we have access to thousands of programs and services that are there just to help people like you get out of bad situations or to get very special help. Let's talk privately. You tell us your problem and we'll help you get answers. Dial 211, now. You're not alone.

 For solutions to real life problems, dial 211.

​Free & Confidential

You can trust that when you dial 211, our conversation remains confidential.​

​No language barrier ​

​We can communicate in over 100 languages over the phone.

​Live ​answer.
We're Here 24/7 

We're here day and night to listen and offer you ​advice on finding the ​right help.

Province-wide services ​

We'll find you the help you need as close to home as possible. 

When trouble finds you and questions need answers,
dial 211 or text 21167

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    ​I'm sad all the time. Just getting out of bed is getting harder every day.
  • check-square-o
    ​I'm in trouble. I need help.
  • check-square-o
    ​​I can't believe this happened to me. What should I do now?
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    ​They just won't leave me alone - online, at school, at the mall.
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    ​My family is a mess...can anyone help us?
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    ​When I woke up, I couldn't remember last night.
  • check-square-o
    ​I don't want to have sex but I don't want to break up.
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    ​I think I need a lawyer. Do I?
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    I'm disappointing everyone. But I just can't keep up.

"It's extremely rewarding to answer a call and help ​a young person ."

Often ​teenagers ​don't know who to call or ​if anyone out there ​can help. A very important part of my job is to ​listen. Once I understand what problems they're facing, then I can give information about what help is available, discussing their options, maybe even offering suggestions that they ​would not have thought of on their own.

​​211 Information & Referral Specialist

​You may be young but your problems are real.

​Just because you're young doesn't mean the problems you have and the situations you face aren't important. ​They can feel overwhelming. But take a breath. Know that help is one phone call or one text away. At 211 NS, we know where you can get the best help for the ​problems you're facing. Dial 211.